Heliacal        Rising

Corey's tincture collaboration: What you need to know

Reginald Eldridge captured the image to your left of El Sea Lopez, creator of Gold Water Alchemy and Corey's special tincture Helical Rising.

Last year, Corey ordered The High Priestess, The Emperor, Saturn Potion/Root, and The Lovers tinctures from Gold Water Alchemy during her journey. With each tincture serving its own healing purpose, Corey was satisfied with the results.


Fast forward to this year, Corey had a difficult time coming up with a special free gift for the book package bundle. She wanted not only to leave a great impression but also create a way to nourish her readers. It finally dawned on her that El Sea was the perfect person to trust with this important collaboration.


Corey drew inspiration from astronomy and the current emotions she has felt up to this point. Heliacal Rising was chosen as the name for this beautiful tincture, in honor of a star seen in the eastern sky before dawn, and not hidden from the sun. The purpose of this tincture is to provide one with a surge of energy and sustained functions throughout the day.

Ingredients: Rose petals, nettle leaf, reishi mushroom, schizandra berries, hawthorn leaf + berry and red raspberry leaf.